Rift Valley is making work, work for people

Our software Tectonic monitors individual employees burnout, pain points, and motivators through continuous real-time feedback- providing employers with data analytics to support and retain staff.

About Rift Valley

To cultivate individual mental resilience in humans everywhere. Rift Valley is founded on the principle that happiness is a continuous process and not a destination. We are inspired by building technologies that help us navigate toward our priorities and manage our response to adversities. We are challenged by the commitment to leverage the benefits of technology while staunchly adhering to our commitment to not create new distractions for real life.

Our Mission

Cultivate Mental Resilience

Tectonic is a two-sided platform that allows employees to log and analyze their mental resilience across time and document specific frustrations or successes in the workplace throughout the day while enabling employers to understand and address friction within their organizations transparently.

Identify Actionable Pain-Points

By identifying and removing specific frustrations in the workday, employers can remodel their relationship with employees using evidence-based changes to help their teams rediscover interest and meaning in their careers.

Reduce Burnout

We believe workplaces with high burnout are operating without the necessary information to address burnout causes effectively, which results in costly employee turnover, low institutional knowledge, cohesion, and organizational inflammation.

Individualized Understanding

The Tectonic application allows employees to log frustrations quickly, optionally providing as much or little detail as desired or time allows. Over time, individual motivators and stressors in the workplace are compiled for each user, and a total burnout resilience baseline is established for each employee.

Latest Updates

In December 2022, Rift Valley Health Company completed the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program. I-Corps is an immersive entrepreneurial training program that facilitates the transformation of invention to impact, primarily focused on customer validation.
Rift Valley is excited to announce we will have our Minimum Viable Product finished in January 2023. Additionally, we will begin launching select pilot programs over the spring. If you or your organization are interested in applying to be part of our pilot program, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.